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In a 1974 episode of the TV sitcom “All in the Family,” Archie Bunker gleefully tells his wife Edith, daughter Gloria and son-in-law Michael about his union’s labor settlement in a time of high inflation. Edith: “Archie, did you get a good raise?” Archie: “Edith, a three-year contract with 15%.”

Investing in the stock market can be a bit like an emotional rollercoaster, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what to make of financial news, economic indicators, and more. We’re sharing the below graphic and explanation with you because it shows that, though there may be some negative indicators at

We explore why taking a rigid approach versus a flexible approach is more effective when planning, pursuing and attaining goals.

Despite claims to the contrary, we find there's scant evidence of any currency having gained meaningful ground on the dollar as a preferred reserve currency or on broader measures of usage.

Take It to the Bank

We break down the role that banks play in our economy and show how recent bank failures impacted market volatility.

We unpack Silicon Valley Bank's descent to insolvency and federal officials' decision to extend deposit insurance to depositors whose accounts exceeded FDIC's general limit of $250,000.

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