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Asset classes, like small-cap value or large-cap growth, don't have one, absolute definition. They same label can represent different methodologies with sizable differences in outcomes, highlighting the importance of looking beyond a name.

Professor Kuhnen believes people may be overreacting to the current news cycle with their pessimism about how the economy is doing. Find out why.

Sector Flip-Flop

While it might be tempting to chase top-performing sectors, we demonstrate why in a broadly diversified portfolio, every sector doesn't have to increase in value over any period to earn a positive return over the long term.

We unpack the pros and cons of typical three-bucket portfolios, including the potential behavioral benefit and costs.

In September, we reported on the returns of U.S. stocks during economic business cycles of the past 50 years. There’s reason to believe the U.S. is currently facing a slowdown induced by higher interest rates (i.e., a slowdown in consumer spending) despite positive gross domestic product (GDP) growth during the

Few people have all the time and money they want. Money squeeze is common, as is time squeeze, but each take different forms among the working class and the elite.

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