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Many years ago, a financial adviser told me about a couple, prospective clients, who said, “Before you start planning for us, you should know that we have a disabled son.

The possibility of the most recent yield curve inversion started to attract attention in early 2022. Short-term U.S. Treasury yields had been rising much faster than longterm yields, nearly overtaking

The S&P 500® Index rose 0.49% on February 19, 2020, pushing the index to a new all-time high. This was its highest level for nearly six months as the effects

Is home really where the heart is, or in today’s financial climate, has the adage evolved to “home is where your low mortgage rate from three years ago is?” Anecdotally,

The Federal Reserve (Fed) is on a mission. And by many accounts, that mission is going well. After inflation rose throughout 2021, the Fed began raising the federal funds rate

At the end of 2022, “The Magnificent Seven” was no more than the title of a 1960 American Western starring Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen. By the end of 2023,