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As one of the best financial planners in Long Island, we want to give you the top financial resources to help you expand your horizons as you continue forward in your own individual financial journey. We are dedicated to helping our clients gain peace of mind and confidence at every stage of life, and we believe that this can be accomplished through guidance and the right resources. 

In our blog and quarterly market reviews, we offer advice on family financial planning, post-divorce financial planning, financial planning for millennials, life planning, asset management, tax planning services, and more. 

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The philosophy of “nudging” individuals toward better choices and outcomes, rather than relying on financial incentives or outright restrictions, has become a major topic within the past decade. Financial services

Valuations of publicly traded companies are a frequent topic of conversation among investors and for good reason. Valuation ratios tell us the price of stocks relative to fundamentals like earnings,

Embrace the Uncertainty

The probability of a positive return from stocks increases over time. An investment in the US stock market grew wealth during 75% of the one-year periods between January 1926 and

Think back to this time last year. Inflation was soaring to a 40-year high of 9.1%. The Federal Reserve (Fed) had just made its third-consecutive rate hike, raising the federal

Have you ever had the feeling that people are somehow getting worse over time? Or that the moral foundations of society are fraying as the years tick by? Brand new

Broad U.S. stock market returns in 2023 offer welcome news for investors at the surface. As measured by the Russell 3000® Index, the U.S. market was up nearly 9% at