The Millionaire Within

Every journey must begin with a few tentative steps. Some are baby steps and some are taken in leaps and bounds. Our journey as father and daughter is a unique one because it began with both. In our financial planning practice over the years, we discovered through our interactions with clients our meetings were not about stock market returns, but more about the behavioral aspects of finance. 

This may be an investment book, but it is not about the mechanics of investing. It's more about enriching your future by embracing your capacity to change your perspectives about money. Intelligent financial decision-making is not about money. It's about emotions, behavior, and unleashing the power that lies within you.

Here are the title chapters:

  1. Knowing Yourself and Your Behaviors
  2. Don't Pick the "Right Stock. Pick the "Right (or left) Brain
  3. How You Think Can Cause Your Wallet to Shrink
  4. Parents Don't Always Know Best
  5. The Magic of Music and the Science of Synchronicity
  6. Your Best Investment: Yourself!
  7. Enliven Your Optimism, Increase Your Luck
  8. Adjust Your Attitude, Build Your Cathedral
  9. Ignoring the Noise
  10. The "Aha!" Moment
  11. Advisors Come in Different Shapes and Sizes
  12. The Space Between the Notes
  13. Ways to Increase Your Dollars and Sense
  14. What She Tackles She Conquers: Women on the Move
  15. Unleashing the Millionaire Within

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