The Next Generation of Wealth

As a multi-generational wealth advisor we understand the intricacies of passing on a legacy to future generations. 

As we coach our clients through transitions and help them plan for all of life's milestones from buying a first home, to getting married, to growing a family, to sending children off to college, to retirement and beyond - we build strong relationships with several generations so that family wealth transfers take place with continuity and ease.

We understand that one generation is not the same as the last

By establishing relationships with our clients over many years we become familiar with the dynamic of each family we serve. We know the personality traits, the aspirations and the obstacles that each family member has encountered. It is from having this deep understanding that we have helped several generations identify their own personal definition of wealth and helped establish the framework to achieve their goals. 

We know that legacy is important

For many of our clients, they come to us with concerns about how they will pass on certain values to the next generation. By helping the families we serve have productive discussions about wealth transfers and by facilitating the structure necessary to prepare their estate, we foster peace-of-mind in the legacy planning process.

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