Finance as an Ensemble

Arcadia wealth management wants you to think of your financial advisor as a conductor of an orchestra. The primary duties of the conductor are to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, to listen critically, and shape the sound of the ensemble. Similarly, your financial advisor is like an orchestral conductor. He organizes and works with the members of your financial team, to make sure your financial plan is playing your financial life's song (helping you achieve your life's goals and aspirations) the way you envision your money working for you in the present and into retirement.

Instead of an orchestra composed of different musicians, cellist, violinist, clarinetist etc., your financial conductor or advisor conducts a team of financial experts. They include: your accountant, attorneys, estate attorneys or real estate attorneys, insurance specialists, investment advisor and investment managements companies all under the coordination of the financial conductor. They perform with their financial instruments which include their calculators, computers, spreadsheets, etc. They interpret and perform what you want to have happen in your financial life. The entire staff at Arcadia Wealth Management is dedicated to fulfilling all your life's goals.

Financial plans you create for yourself are similar to a piece of music being played. They have a beginning and an end. The music changes dynamics with opening themes, which are the challenges facing you in your life presently, to the retirement plans which are more towards the time in life when you decide not to work anymore. Different motifs occur during the piece and end with the conclusion of the music. This is the plan you have discussed and mapped out with your immediate goals and your long term financial goals.

A good financial conductor follows the financial plan (similar to a music score) making minor changes along your life's path. The dynamics and tonal schemes change and adjust as you transition into retirement.

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