American Consumers are Feeling Financially Strong

A look back at the Black Friday consumer spending records might have caught some by surprise. The mainstream media continues to gripe about a“struggling” economy and the “death” of brick and mortar stores, and this does not paint an accurate picture for the American worker and consumer. Luckily, we have consumer behavior data to remind us that things are actually looking positive for our economy at the moment.

Walter and Allie are interviewed by the Shelter Island Reporter

One nice day in early summer, Walter and Allie sat down with journalist Susan Corey Dempsey of the Shelter Island Reporter to talk about life, business and their book The Millionaire Within. 


The father-daughter financial counseling team of Walter Wisniewski and Allison Vanaski have learned a lot over their years working together. In their new book, “The Millionaire Within,” they share many strategies for handling money, but in an interview with the Reporter, they said they’ve also learned quite a bit themselves from dealing with clients.

“Financial decision making,” said Walter Wisniewski, “is much more about emotions and behavior than about money. It’s about your lifestyle. Money is life.”

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