Women and Wealth

Important realities face women as their roles evolve:
  • As the role of women in business continues to expand the challenges that female business owners face increase as well. Many women, struggle to find the time to adequately attend to their investment portfolios, company benefit plans or retirement planning steps. 
  • Despite significant strides, some women still are not the primary managers of their financial affairs. Many times women have supported the goals of the family without ever truly identifying what is most important to them.
  • Women face many life transitions, including loss of a spouse and divorce that can threaten their sense of well-being. Women older than age 65, are 50% more likely to be divorced or widowed. They live 5 years longer than men, but earn less and typically have less saved for retirement. On average, experience a 45% drop in their standard of living in the year following a divorce, while a man's rises 16%.
  • Women are frequently called on to help manage the affairs of their aging parents and children. This can be both financially and emotionally challenging.
  • Some women choose to remain single or have non-traditional life-partners. Arcadia can assist in addressing the special investment and estate planning details that can be associated with being a single woman. 

For all of these reasons and more, it is important for women to build a relationship with an advisor that understands their unique situation, personal goals and values and who can help them manage their money with clarity and confidence. Our services are designed to help you build a lasting foundation for lifelong financial security and personal success.

Some specific areas where we can offer unique insight and education are:
  • Large Property Purchases
  • Family and College Planning
  • Business Sale & Succession Planning
  • Coping with the Loss of a Spouse
  • Undergoing other intense life transitions, such as divorce, retirement and legal settlements
  • Managing windfalls such as inheritance, lottery and legal settlements

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