Our Wealth Management Client Process

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Your Financial Journey

Our wealth management clients are guided through a process as unique as their own circumstances. We provide investment consulting and advanced planning as well as establish and cultivate on ongoing relationship based in trust, transparency, and fiduciary responsibility.

Investment Consulting

Gaining a thorough understanding of our clients underlies building successful relationships. Our process of investment consulting forms the foundation upon which Arcadia bases such relationships. We begin with a client interview process which, in addition to your investments, examines your values, goals, interests and relationships. With an eye toward portfolio protection, we evaluate the risk in your current portfolio and then recommend an investment plan which is designed to help you reach your unique goals.

Advanced Planning

Our advanced planning services address the primary concerns of most investors today--Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Protection, Wealth Transfers and Charitable Giving.

Relationship Management

Proactive relationship management underlies Arcadia 's client servicing philosophy and helps align goal fulfillment with your stated values. As part of the initial client interview and development of your Investment Policy Statement, we incorporate your desired level of involvement in the process and desired communication plan. Your other trusted advisors are incorporated as appropriate and in accordance with your desires.

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