Investment Philosophy*

At Arcadia we believe that the financial markets work. Research indicates that the markets reflect everything from complex information to human behavior and that prices are inherently fair.

markets work


We can't predict the future. We won't spend our days researching the next hot stock. What we do, and do well, is work with each of you on an individual basis to find what is important and the level of risk you are able to tolerate.

We will create a portfolio of no-load, low-cost mutual funds spread over many asset classes to insure you are well-diversified, mitigating risk wherever we can. Our portfolios are value driven consisting of quality companies.

Financial Science

Our philosophies are deeply rooted in sound academic research and not on Wall Street hype. Our advice and expertise combined with your personal goals and priorities will help us become your professional coach. A coach that wants you to succeed with your investments, your beliefs about money and in your relationships.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Chart Sources: https://us.dimensional.com/

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