Financial Life Planning

At Arcadia Wealth Management we like to think of ourselves not just as your financial advisor or financial planner, but that we are in the business of "life planning." We specialize in helping people who are experiencing life-changing financial events and transitions. 

In many cases, people don't often realize they are experiencing a life transition until the burden or excitement of it become too difficult to bear without support. When it comes to major life decisions and transitions we are experts in helping you set a course for where you want to be so that where you are doesn't feel quite so strained. 

Consider the following life transitions as you explore your options for selecting a partner who may have the skills and expertise necessary to help you on your path:

  • Sale of a Business
  • Marriage
  • Birth of Child
  • Sending a Child to College
  • Loss of a Spouse or Loved One
  • Inheritance
  • Lottery Win
  • Divorce
  • Legal Settlement
  • Retirement
  • Transition to New Career

Whether anticipated or not, major events can have a profound effect on your life... It can not only affect your current investment plan, but change your priorities and long-term goals. Having a trusted partner by your side can make a profound difference.

Staying mindful of your present circumstances and being congnisant of all that must take place in order to secure your future and your existing lifestyle can be overwhelming. Often, we encouter people who, despite having the means necessary to "cope", simply do nont want to make the wrong decision or have the burden of "handling" it all on their own. 

Our role as a fiduciary is to pinpoint your goals and help you develop a path to get there. We walk our clients through a process of communicating their concerns, their hopes, their aspirations. It is only then, that we can begin to take a personal eye on the practicalities of accounts and assets. Though very important, they are secondary in our approach to financial life management. The reason for this is that we cannot help a person financially until we know that person well enough to act as their guide.

Our first priority is to help clients through this transitional period by providing emotional support and guidance, as making the right long-term decisions during transitions is critical. As the dust settles, our job is to help clients learn from the experience so that they are empowered to meet future financial challenges.

Arcadia understands the important concept that each type of life transition – whether positive or negative – is different, and that each person reacts differently when confronted by such changes. Underlying our philosophy is patience and empathy – we will take the time to help each client emerge from change better equipped to shape their financial future.

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